Artist Entrepreneurial Grants, NH — Quarterly Deadline: May 8th

Individual Artists

Artist Entrepreneurial Grants

Quarterly Deadlines: May 8, 2020; August 7, 2020; November 6, 2020; February 5, 2021

Coordinator: Ginnie Lupi
(603) 271-8418

Update: Match will not be required for FY21 grant applications

Artist Entrepreneurial Grants recognize the importance of the creative workforce to New Hampshire’s economy. Artist Entrepreneurial Grants support opportunities that will benefit artists’ careers, including the development of business skills, participation in programs to raise the level and quality of their art, and participation in programs that will bring their art to the widest possible markets.

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Please click here to download written instructions on how to fill out the online application.


Please visit NH Council on the Arts / Grants for more information and a video with additional information.