Online Seminar: The Working Artist, April 30 – June 25th, AVA

The Working Artist:  Seminar at AVA


Do you think of this time as an opportunity to work unhindered by outside pressures (your very own personal McDowell Colony) or is the isolation and extra responsibilities driving you a little batty?  Maybe some of each?

AVA is offering a seminar that will give you an opportunity to reflect on what you are doing and to consider how your work lives within or outside of the current cultural umbrella. It is also an opportunity to partake in a serious conversation about art, generally, in this time of transformation.

It is an intensive 9 week program open to visual artists, conceptually artists, video artist and others.  It will, I think, complement your work and help you push beyond your barriers.

Originally we were going to offer the seminar at AVA, but the Coronavirus has forced us online.  You can register here:

AVA Artist Members : $25

For more information contact via the website below.
Don Collins, Seminar Leader

Don Collins is a professional artist ( who believes that art exists only in a cultural context.  His work tends toward traditional realism but he remains curious about the constant creative development of new work in the arts.  It is his goal to determine the push and pull of the cultural context to provide grounding for the creative act.  Willing to entertain other views/opinions/art.