Vocal Exploration, begins Tuesdays, Jan 28, 5:30-6:45PM, Upper Valley Music Center, Lebanon

Vocal Exploration Class with Patrica Norton

“I don’t know if I can sing or not at this point, (and I suspect not!) but I’d love to try.”

Or, “I used to sing, but am getting back into it, and diving straight into a chorus is too much.”

Singing from a variety of traditions, Vocal Exploration students learn to use healthy vocal technique to extend their range, match pitch, and follow written music. We approach your voice with friendly curiosity and watch your innate musicality appear — and yes, everyone has a musical kernel that will show up! A bit of music history and theory gets thrown in as a bonus.

For the final week, the class attends the Juneberry Community Chorus concert preparation and event. Singers may choose to join the chorus for a few songs or simply observe.

Choose either a mini-course of 8 weeks, or the full term of 16 weeks at a lower per-week price.  Both courses begin Tuesday, January 28th.
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Questions, or if you want to register with a real live person? Call Bekah Hurford at (603) 448-1642, or visit us at 8 South Park Street, Lebanon NH, Monday-Friday 10-6.

Upper Valley Music Center, 8 South Park Street, Lebanon