Society for Misfit Puppets, Aug 30-31, 8-9PM, Aidron Duckworth Museum

Charlotte Moroz and The Society for Misfit Puppets


Two performances – Thursday and Friday – 8/30, 8/31,  8pm – 9pm
Museum will open at 7pm for refreshments and seating.
Aidron Duckworth Art Musuem
Join us for the start of an incredibly exciting few weeks at the Aidron Duckworth Art Museum!

Essex, Vermont native Charlotte Moroz and her group The Society For Misfit Puppets come for two nights of performance as they present REGRET & TIME TRAVEL a piece that has been newly tailored for the Duckworth Museum. REGRET & TIME TRAVEL is a wild and experimental theater piece which includes puppetry, music, and a psychic exploration into the universal fabric of spacetime.

A musical puppetry spectacle: one part TED talk, one part folk musical, one part sci-fi dramedy.  A team of musician-scientists have discovered by using music they are able to time travel into the past. After their leader Science Boss inexplicably vanishes while on a time travel excursion, our team and their faithful banjo-playing A.I.-bot are left alone to deliver an extremely important presentation to NASA.  Over the course of their presentation our team makes the startling discovery that the past is melting away and that they must use their burgeoning knowledge of musical time travel to take their audience into the unknowable future.

Charlotte Moroz is a playwright, singer-songwriter, actor, and puppeteer originally from Essex, Vermont and now living in Brooklyn, New York. Charlotte has written, performed in and produced over six original shows in the past 3 year with “The Society for Misfit Puppets”.