Saint Gaudens: Artist Talk at DHMC, Friday, Mar. 2nd, 10AM

Marianne Barthel, the Arts Program Coordinator for D-H’s Arts Program, is thrilled to have original Saint-Gaudens pieces in DHMC’s Winter Art Exhibit. “Finding art in unexpected places, like in a CT scanner, is particularly exciting,” she says. “I am so happy to support and celebrate this collaboration through this exhibit. It is the perfect reminder that we can all connect in some way, especially through art!”
Intrigued? Come to the March Artist’s Talk on Friday, March 2nd in Aud. A.   Representatives involved in the Saint-Gaudens/DHMC Radiology exhibit in the Rotunda will be there.  This should be a fascinating talk and I would love to get the word out early and often and get good attendance.
Here is a story about this:
For more information, contact Marianne Barthel, Arts Program Coordinator, D-H Arts Program
phone: 603.650-6187, MondayFriday 9-2