Rousing the Muse – Winter class, Jan 20 – Mar 2, OSHER, Hanover

Winter Course: Rousing the Muse

Through writing exercises, free writes, various compositional hoops, mazes, games, and calisthenics. Participants will cultivate their imaginations and writerly skills, will discover new voices, and will find the beginnings of new writing projects. Suitable for beginning and experienced writers. The class is suitable for writers at all levels of skill or experience and should be as fun as it is edifying. It is suitable for writers in all genres. Participants may retake the course as many times as they like.

Stephen Hackman is a retired schoolteacher. His subjects were and are English and Philosophy. His interests are literature, music, art, film, walking, and writing. He has an affinity for, and bears some resemblance to, vagabond dogs of uncertain provenance. He does his dog walking these days in Orange, NH and has lived in the Upper Valley, off and on, for 40 years.

Mondays, January 20 – March 2
9:30 – 11:30 AM
DOC House – Hanover, NH
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Course Fee: $80; Membership Fee: $70 (expires June 30, 2020) Member benefits:

Information: Laura Belback • • • (603) 646-0154