JAGfest Festival Schedule, Feb 7-9, WRJ

JAGfest 4.0 – Upcoming Plays,  February 7-9th

JAG’s festival of new works in African-American theatre. See link at the end for more information and locations.

The five plays will be:

JAGfest 4.0 | (Re)surface: A Poetics of Fish/Flesh

Written by Isaiah A. Hines

Friday, February 7, 7:30PM

(Re)surface: A Poetics of Fish/Flesh is best understood as a kind of ‘body drama’— a form of expression that incorporates poetry, prostheses, gesture, and jazz — cleaving a critical site/ space for exploring questions of blackness and being.  In this solo performance piece Isaiah considers the junctures, lacunae, and ambiguities that give form/texture to black queer disabled existence, thinking through the dramas of mundane life using notions of embodiment, agency, madness, speech, refusal, refuge, and unfreedom.

JAGfest 4.0 | A Curious Thing; or Superheroes K’ain’t Fly

Written by Jeremy O’Brian    Directed by Tyler English-Beckwith

Friday, February 7, 8:00PM

Synopsis: Virgo and Aries are just past the newlywed stage when they start to reconsider their plans to become parents. As they ask the hard question they uncover deep-seated fears. A Curious Thing; or Superheroes K’ain’t Fly is an animated and erratic play exploring the universal question of parenthood in a world laden with danger.


JAGfest 4.0 | The Problem with Magic, Is: 

Written by Johnny G. Lloyd     Directed by NJ Agwuna

Saturday, February 8, 2:00PM

Synopsis: After the death of their mother, Jodie goes back home to help her brother, Clarence, run the family magic shop. But as the pressure mounts, they find themselves dealing not only with loss and new responsibility but also the forces of gentrification — and, perhaps, a malevolent snake deity called forth during a magic spell gone wrong.


JAGfest 4.0 | Cntrl+Alt(Right)Del 

Written by Sheldon Shaw    Directed by Kambi Gathesha

Saturday, February 8, 7:30PM

Synopsis: A white woman who attends The University of Texas brings her black African boyfriend home to meet her family for the first time. The woman’s family, her father, uncle, and aunt (from her deceased mother’s side) live and run a trailer park in Port Arthur, Texas. When the family and new boyfriend meet, there is a race and culture clash with twists and turns, and a big family secret unearthed, rehashed, and finally dealt with, sort of…


JAGfest 4.0 | Demons

Written by Keelay Gipson   Directed by Keelay Gipson

Sunday, February 9, 5:00PM

Bentley Theater, Hopkins Center for the Arts

Synopsis: When the death of The Patriarch brings a family home, they must reckon with the manifestations of grief and the haunting, sometimes otherworldly, realities that death can often bring to the surface. Demons is a magical meditation on getting older, the reality of losing your parents, inherited trauma, and that ever elusive attempt at living up to your family’s idea of what your legacy will be.


Admission is $25 per performance!

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