Eastern – Cape Breton Music Celebration, Friday, Feb 21, 5:30-9pm, St Johnsbury, VT

Eastern – Cape Breton Celebration

Cape Breton Kitchen Party

Fri., Feb. 21

Fiddle Workshop – 5:30pm
Dance Workshop – 6:15pm
Kitchen Party – 7:00pm
Open Session – 8:00pm

$22 – One price includes all, and Traditional Fare

Tickets Available at Catamount Arts:
Check out Jake Brillhart’s fiddling.

Grab your instrument and your dancing shoes or if you prefer just a love of Cape Breton and join us for a night of music, food, dance, and good cheer. A kitchen party is a gathering of community who play music together and has been enshrined as an iconic image of Cape Breton. Feel the rhythm of the Island through the pulse of music and create a warmth in our community.

Arrive at 7pm for the Kitchen Party or come at 5:30pm with a Cape Breton fiddle workshop.

Whether you’re an established Cape Breton fiddler, or you’re new to Cape Breton music and want to learn more about the style of music, join Jacob Brillhart at this workshop and join in later at the session.

Next, we will host a dance workshop beginning at 6:15pm. The step dancing that is incorporated into Cape Breton square dancing is one of the neat things that separates it from generic contra dancing, and the basics are fairly simple. This is a great introduction for interested folks and also a good way to put you on track for the square set held later in the evening during the Kitchen Party.

We will kick off our Kitchen Party with an explanation of Cape Breton music and culture. Savor traditional Cape Breton fare as you enjoy the sounds of Footworks.

During our evening together we will wrangle up dancers and lead them through a Cape Breton square set (four couples). Dancing is not required! Traditionally the square set is danced in very tight spaces (crowded kitchens and pubs) and the intimate setting of 142 Eastern Ave. makes this an excellent space. We will finish up our evening together with an open session.  A session is a time where anyone is welcome to join in and play with the group or share a song.

Footworks is inspired by the high-energy Gaelic music of Cape Breton Island. They are a Vermont-based instrumental band. With Jacob Brillhart on fiddle, Jon Brillhart on whistle, and Tory Heft on guitar, Footworks provides a rich and balanced sound that is bound to get you up on your feet.

Traditional Cape Breton fare is curated by local chef Sarah Spence. The evening includes a raw oyster bar; Acadian rappie pie (a traditional dish made up of grated potatoes and meat), veggie hodge podge stew, fishcakes, and homemade bread. We will end with oatcakes. Sarah has worked at the Rabbit Hill Inn, Karme Choling, and Bread&Butter. She currently has her own catering company and hosts community dinners.

This is a BYOB event!

Tickets Available at Catamount Arts:

Heather Alger
142 Eastern Avenue
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819