Artist Talk– Lincoln in Negative Space: The Intersection of Imaging and Art, Friday, March 2, 10-11:30AM

Artist Talk this Friday! – Lincoln in Negative Space: The Intersection of Imaging and Art

Friday, March 2, 2018  —  10 am – 11:30 AM
In Auditorium A at Darmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

The Dartmouth-Hitchcock Arts Program invites you to our March Artist Talk
featuring a special collaboration between the DHMC Radiation Department and
the Saint-Gaudens National Historic Site and Museum.

“Lincoln in Negative Space: The Intersection of Imaging and Art”, will be a fascinating presentation about how DHMC’s CT Scanners were used to reveal the inside of previously unknown molds by the iconic Sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens (1848 – 1907).

Rick Kendall from Saint-Gaudens and Jeffery Volckaert from DHMC Radiology
will be joining us to discuss the project in more detail.

During Saint-Gaudens time, plaster molds (also known as casts) were used
to create bronze sculptures and other items such as metal coins. Since
these molds are inverse and permanently sealed, they have been left
unopened in the attempt to preserve them as artifacts. What the design
inside consists of has been a mystery for over 100 years. Thanks to today’s
CT-Scan technology, the Saint-Gaudens Museum was able to work with DHMC’s
radiology department to find a damage free way to reveal, what was thought
to be, a long-lost mystery.

Use the link below to read a more detailed article about how this project
came to be:

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