Opening Reception, Saturday, June 8, 3-6pm, Aidron Duckworth Museum, Meriden, NH

Opening Reception – Saturday, June 8, 3-6pm

Aidron Duckworth Museum

Aidron Duckworth Art Museum will be open early Saturday (open at 10am)

Please join us June 8, 3pm – 6pm for the opening reception of two exhibits: “BUGS ABOUT / DIAGONAL SCIENCE ” by Langdon Graves and “IF EVER” by Glenn Goldberg.

Installed on the grounds of the museum *BUGS ABOUT / DIAGONAL SCIENCE*  presents a series of new sculptures in the form of intriguing objects exquisitely crafted in a number of media. Taking inspirations from sources as varied as pseudo-science and medium divination, Graves creates hyper-real works assembled from a personal and precise vernacular. The works for this exhibit use the museum’s natural setting to create curious, sometimes bizarre, dynamics between sculptures that initially appear as found objects, only to disclose the nature of their simulacrum upon deeper inspection.

“IF EVER”  is an exhibit of new work by Glenn Goldberg, a painter, sculptor, and draftsman with a wide ranging career over the past 35 years. A native of the Bronx, Glenn has never been confined by style or media in his practice. Similar to the way an athlete trains, Glenn approaches his practice with exacting discipline. The product of this energy finds a home in work that is elaborate and arresting yet simultaneously effortless and serene. The pieces in “IF EVER” are an explosion of visual information. Substantial works created on canvas tarps quickly muddle a traditional reading of representational painting. Components of these pieces read as archetypes from a familiar yet elusive and unknown culture. Avoiding simple symbolic interpretations, elements shimmer with energized surfaces that push their meaning beyond the limitations of the simple names given to the things represented. The “dog” or “bird” or “man” or “rabbit” in these works are at once there and not there, not hidden, but not wholly defined by the forms that conjure those names. Also exhibited will be papier mache sculptural objects that are colorful, spirited sculptures, objects akin to architectural shrines and meditative stupas.

“IF EVER” runs from June 8 – July 21. Glenn Goldberg will give an artist talk June 8 at 4pm.

“BUGS ABOUT / DIAGONAL SCIENCE” will be installed on the museum grounds June 8 – September 8.

Aidron Duckworth Art Museum 
21 Bean Rd., Meriden, NH