Opening Reception, Gail Cheney, Saturday, July 28, 3PM, Aidron Duckworth Art Museum,


Saturday, July 28, 3PM – 6PM

Aidron Duckworth Art Museum, Meriden

Please join us Saturday, July 28, 3pm-6pm for the opening reception of two exhibitions at the Aidron Duckworth Art Museum:

INSIDE OUT – presents exciting new work by painter Galen Cheney. Using her process as a guide, Cheney’s work derives energy from an exploration of materials. Using forms both mysterious and complex the paintings engage a viewer with something not often found in “serious artwork”, fun. Her works are humorous snippets from an unknown absurdist narrative and winding ruminations on the structure of painting itself. Brightly colored works envelope the viewers field of vision transporting an onlooker into a topsy-turvy landscape that resonates with a sense of joy. The love of craft is tangled in knots across the canvas filling the gallery with a playful journey at every turn.

Aidron Duckworth – XXXII – TRANSPARENT BODIES, examines a signature series of Duckwoth paintings and drawings beginning in 1979, a year of personal struggle and professional exploration. Digging through thin layers of paint, these works juggle a series of juxtapositions both formal and emotional.  Abstraction gives way to veiled body parts wrestling on the canvas. Faces melt into arms and legs and then shift again to become a delicate geometry made of color and light. These pieces, seen anew forty years after their making, illuminate concepts very much of the contemporary moment. This conversation might be strongest in the work’s dialog with gender and sexuality. Female forms meld with male and looked at with today’s eyes this work begins to call into question any simple view of the body, sexuality and power, or a strict gender binary. 

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