John McKenna, Opening, June 9, 3-6PM, Aidron Duckworth Museum, Meriden, NH

“Column II” by Sculptor and Musician, John McKenna, Opening, June 9th, 3-6PM, at the Aidron Duckworth Art Museum, Meriden, NH.

McKenna uses simple industrial materials in modular forms to create sculpture that literally resonates with sound.  For the opening reception, McKenna will be playing a piece of music written to accompany this work. The 45 minute piece will begin at 5PM.  The sculpture will be on the Museum grounds through October 28th.  Mr. McKenna originally from Norwic, VT, now resides in RI.

Aidron Duckworth Art Museum

21 Bean Rd, Meriden, NH 03770; (603) 469-3444


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