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I enjoy the texture and the tactile quality of manipulating plant fibers. For over ten years I have explored the art of hand papermaking from both pre-processed and raw plant fibers. My art process is always evolving, as I find new ways to be inspired. I am currently exploring plant fibers, primarily organic cotton in rope form through the ancient art of Macrame. Macrame is knotted rope decor that originated in the Arab nations and traveled throughout Europe. Sailors of old tied knots while sailing and then sold their wares at ports around the world. The art form came to fame in the US during the 1960’s and 70’s where it reached a manic popularity. It’s popularity faded in the 1980’s. Macrame is enjoying a new and stylish revival in the new century as a stylish approach to texture.

I transform these mixed media sources, rope, paper, paint, and botanicals, with inspiration drawn from the world of nature: by the wisp of wind swaying in a Winter wind, or the small sprout searching for the sun’s nourishment in Spring. The world of spirit, myth, and religion are also sources of artistic inspiration, ranging from the great pantheon of Hindu gods and goddesses to the Native American anthropomorphic deities. I feel that these cultures beautifully describe the relationship between humans, the earth, and the heavens. In each creation, I invoke a meditative quality, reflecting upon the world of myth and nature, suggesting a connection between all beings at their source.

I live in the woods of Cornish, New Hampshire, with my husband Josh Hall, composer and musician, and my two lovely daughters. My family loves to garden, do Yoga, look at the stars, walk in the woods, and take care of our animal companions as we are passionate Vegans. I have been an instructor at Granite State University, In New Hampshire, teaching The Creative Process in Art, Papermaking, and Art From Natural Materials. I also teach private workshops on the Art of Papermaking and creativity. I am a Reiki Master Teacher, a Certified Experienced Yoga Teacher and I lead Yoga Teacher Training Programs from my home studio.


Work is exhibited at the Hanover League of NH store, and online. You can see and purchase my latest works at my website and Instagram account at:

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