“The Clean House”, February 2019, Grange Theater, South Pomfret, VT

BarnArts Presents THE CLEAN HOUSE

by Sarah Ruhl

at The Grange Theatre, South Pomfret, VT

February 15, 16, 21, 22, 23  – 7:30 pm

and February 17 & 24  – 2pm

Directed by Abigail Bower
Starring: Rebecca Bailey, Elena Greenlee, Darby Hiebert, D. Gene Kraus, Marcela Williamson

THE CLEAN HOUSE was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in Drama in 2005 and is one of Sarah Ruhl’s most beloved plays. The play takes place in ‘metaphysical Connecticut’ – near NYC and near ‘the sea.’

Married doctors employ a Brazilian housekeeper, Matilde, who isn’t particularly interested in house cleaning, but prefers instead to focus on coming up with the perfect joke, meanwhile grieving her deceased parents. The particularities of Matilde overlap, with irony and gentleness, the privileged concerns and real struggles of her employers and those closest to them. The play touches on the interwoven humanity in loss and love and is ultimately a story of compassion (and the purpose of a good joke) told through the playful magical-realism of Sarah Ruhl.

THE CLEAN HOUSE is BarnArts Winter Community Play at the Grange Theatre.

TICKETS:  Adults:  $15-20, Students:  $10-15

BarnArts Center for the Arts, PO Box 41, Barnard, VT 05031, 802-234-1645