Revels Kids 2016

Revels Kids 2016

This year, Revels Kids will be taking a trip through the arts and culture of  China, Tibet, northern India, and the Middle East. We will end our cultural journey at the Mediterranean Sea, 4,000 miles from where we began.

What might a person experience on such a grand expedition? There’s new music, dances, foods and stories to share. Not to mention the abundance of the markets along the way–fragrant spices, luxurious silks and satins, finely crafted carpets and jewelry–transported across harsh deserts and over mountain passes. It will be an adventure for the five senses as we immerse ourselves in the sights, sounds, smells and tastes of the Silk Road.

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Migmar Tsering, dramyin player and president of the Tibetan Association of Vermont will be working with us on this journey. Members of Yo-Yo Ma’s Silk Road Ensemble will also be on hand throughout the process, with Grammy-nominated tabla player Sandeep Das and percussionist/composer Shane Shanahan among the tradition-bearers for our Immersion Daycelebration. Tai chi, calligraphy, and dumpling-making are just some of the activities Revels Kids participants will get to explore.

The Revels Kids program engages children ages 6-14 in an exploration of diverse world cultures through music, dance, percussion, and storytelling. The program encourages children to celebrate their unique voices and their joyful sense of creativity in a supportive and non-competitive environment. This journey of cultural traditions will truly be a celebration of the mind, soul, and spirit for children and families alike, which we hope will inspire a lifelong love of traditional music. The program runs once a week for nine weeks during the winter, culminating in a Day of Sharing for parents and friends.

Those who can’t commit to the 9-week Revels Kids program can still participate! Immersion Day is a celebration for all, and any community member aged 3 years-adult are invited to join program participants for this half-day event.

See the program details for more information about the Revels Kids program.


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