Into the Canyon, Film, Saturday, April 13th, 7PM, Spaulding Auditorium, Dartmouth College

Into the Canyon 
Saturday, April 13th, 7PM
Spaulding Auditorium, Dartmouth College
An extraordinary a new film by photographer Pete McBride ’93 about  a 750-mile trek of the Grand Canyon he made. McBride will be a speaker at that day’s TEDx Dartmouth.

In 2016, Nat Geo photographer Pete McBride and writer Kevin Fedarko started walking the Grand Canyon—all 750 miles of it. From the outset, the challenge was far more than they bargained for. More people have stood on the moon than have completed a continuous through hike of the Canyon. McBride and Fedarko took a sectional approach, achieving a feat that many adventurers have taken decades to finish. Others lost their lives trying. Upon completion, the pair were listed by National Geographic as “Adventurers of the Year.”

Canyon is a story of extreme physical hardship that stretches the bonds of friendship and a meditation on the timeless beauty of this sacred place. It is also an urgent warning about the environmental dangers that are placing one of America’s greatest monuments in peril and a cautionary tale for our complex relationship with the natural world.

D: Pete McBride, US, 2019, 1h24m

Tickets:  $10-15

On April 13, Pete McBride will talk about water conservation and Into the Canyon as the closing speaker TEDxDartmouth 2019. Learn more and register at TEDxDartmouth