Going with the Flow – Robert Chapla, Feb 1-27, Gallery at The Space On Main, Bradford, VT

Going with the Flow   Robert Chapla

Exhibit:  February 1–February 27

The Space On Main, 174 Main Street, Bradford, VT
Public Viewing Hours: Fridays 3–5pm

The work in this exhibit concerns itself with movement in some of its displays – from the slow amble of cows to the speed of cars to the tumble of a cascade. The fluidity of each of these forms is taken to a level of abstraction in an attempt to discover the essential quality of flow. Can the abstracted version be as enjoyable as the realistic rendering? Could we discover something essential about our perception by seeing them in relationship to each other? How do color and texture affect or confuse our feelings of movement? His hope is that something basic to our modes of perception are revealed.

Midwest born and raised, East Coast educated, long-time San Francisco Bay Area and Vermont teacher/painter, Robert has experienced and enjoyed many landscapes. His painting style, originating on the East Coast, was developed and reached maturity in Northern California. Moving to Vermont has been a return to his painting ‘roots.’

He begins some paintings on-site, in ‘plein air’, not only because of the unique light and ideas that a specific setting affords, but also because of the society of people he paints with and meets locally. It is much about
placing oneself ‘out’ there, with the paintings at times acquiring finish from interior motives realized in the studio.

Robert grew up in Lorain, Ohio and graduated from Columbia College in New York City with a degree in Art History. He has taken numerous graduate classes in fine art at several institutions including Washington Univ., St. Louis and others and taught extensively over the years, including 6 years in Yosemite Valley. He has taught painting at SPA Gallery in Barre, VT, Alumni Hall in Haverhill, NH, and summer adult program at Putney School, Putney, VT.

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